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26 Bad Friend Nominees: Hall Of Fame (May 2017) | FailArmy

With friends like these, who needs enemies? FailArmy has opened it’s Hall of Fame to those who may or may not have their friend’s best interest in heart. Submit YOUR fails to

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Girl Accidentally Knees Friend in Face
Trust Fall Face Smack
Guys Push Friend in Hammock
Woman Spinning on Bar Stool Falls on Face
Pineapple High Kick Fail
Best Friend Screams at Sleeping Friend
Guy Throws Ball Behind Back and Hits Teammate’s Head
Girl’s Friend is No Help at All
Man Knocks Out after Being Slapped
Guy Tries to Vacuum Car
Girl Feeds Dandelion to Friend
Wake Up Bunk Bed Kicker Fail
Girl Slides down Stairs in Plastic Bin
Two Blonde Girls Fail at Teeter Totter
Cliff Jumper Pushed Off Cliff
Bunk Bed Plank Removal Prank
Girl Slams to Ground After Falling Off Swing
Drunk Shoulder Flip Fail
Trampoline Basketball Dunk Nutshot Hits Friend
Girl Accidentally Hits Friend With Bat
Kid Smashes Friend’s Nuts with Pogo Stick in Botched Stunt
Girl Slaps Guy while Playing Beer Pong
Piggy Back on Dock Fail
Unsuspecting Friend Hit in Head by Football
Guy Failing Causes Friend to Fail
Girl Smacks Cell Phone into Water

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