Funny Messy Kids and Pets Video Compilation 2016

From kids making a mess with spaghetti to dogs rolling around in packing paper, these are the messiest kids and pets you’ll see this week.

Poke My Heart celebrates moments that make your day brighter. Here you’ll find sweet marriage proposals, touching reunions, creative birth announcements, adorable babies, pet loyalty, and any emotional experience that makes you smile. Based on the classic video, “You Poked My Heart,” we strive to share universal moments that evoke nostalgia, inspiration, and happiness.

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Brother and Sister Make Huge Mess in Pantry

Golden Retriever Makes a Mess with Cardboard

Sister Covers Baby Brother in Peanut Butter
Dog Rolls Around Packing Paper

Kid Makes Mess with Spaghetti

Dog Gets Stuck in Garbage Can Lid

Toddler Gets into Mom’s Makeup
French Bulldogs Make A Mess

Toddler Gets Messy while Eating Soup
Kids Make a Mess in the Kitchen
Bird Spills all the Straws

Baby Slathers Lotion All over Room
Cat Rips Apart Toilet Paper

Little Boy Covers Older Brother in Flour

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