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Old People OGs: Retirement Fails (October 2016) | FailArmy

You can’t live life to the fullest without a few fails and these people have that down to a science. This compilation is dedicated to the real OGs. They were alive long before the internet and cell phones (crazy, right?) and they’ve had to put up with your fails the longest. Let us know which video made you laugh the hardest in the comments section and be sure to submit your fail videos to!!

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Original Links:
Grandma Does a Faceplant Playing Hopscotch
Grandma Flips Over on Mountain Bike
Grandma Gets Scared of Computer Prank
Senior Citizen’s Flubbed Poolside Handstand Ends in Splash
Grandpa Trips over Dog while Practicing His Golf Swing
Grandma Gets Impatient with Selfie
Old Guy Falls off Unicycle
Horse Doesn’t Want to be Touched
Old People Don’t Know How to Use Camera Phone
Man Tries to Pole Vault over Water
Old Man Falls Surfing Down Slip n’ Slide
Grandpa Faceplants Snow
Woman Falls off Plastic Chair Lift
Guy Falls in Water while Trying to Nail Plank
Old Man Watches Porn at Coffee Shop
Grandma Falls for Ping Pong Save
lit River Dance
Grandpa Can’t Handle Power of Mobility Scooter
Old People Go Wrong Way on Moving Walkway
Old Man Bowls in Wrong Lane
Grandma Gets Hit in the Face with Ping Pong Ball
Woman Terrified Riding Slingshot Ride
Grandma Can’t Float on Inner Tube
Dancing Old Lady Has an mishap
Grandpa Falls Dancing
Grandpa Freaks Out Playing Video Games
Woman Tries to Kneel on Yoga Ball
Grandma Falls off Mechanical Bull then off Stage
Grandma Falls At Wedding
Man Breaks Trampoline Jumping into Pool
Grandma Turns Dive into Bellyflop
Lollipop Gets Stuck in Grandma’s Dentures
Man Frustrated while Pouring Contact Cement
Dad’s Hoverboard Fail Takes Son Down With Him
Big Yellow RC Plane Hits Man
Grandpa Falls doing Wheelchair Wheelie
Dancing Man Gets Scared by Dog

The Real OGs: Retirement Fails (October 2016) || FailArmy

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