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There’s nothing funnier than seeing a man’s best friend fail. They’re always there for us, they love us, but sometimes they’re not the smartest. Here are some of the funniest dog fail submissions. Let us know that you think in the comment section below. Salute!

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Original Links:
Dog Can’t Walk Bridge with Long Stick
Dog Follows Windshield Wipers
Dog Doesn’t Know Where Apple Slice Went
Dog Searches for Snowball
Puppy Tries to Pounce on Tennis Ball
Puppy Falls Trying to Catch Toy
Dog Bounces Tennis Ball into Camera
German Shepherd Falls in Pool Fetching Ball
Dog Doesn’t Like Meat
Three Legged Boxer Tackles Other Dog
Saint Bernard Cleaned with Vacuum
Knocked Down By Two Boxers
Dog Interrupts Owner’s Handstand and Steals Glasses
Dog Tackles Owner with Selfie Stick
Golden Retriever Puppy Trips over Rope Toy
Dog Eats Food out of Bag
Dog Fails to Jump onto Trampoline
Dog Runs Away Instead of to Owner
Dog Tackles Random Kid
Drooling Dog Hungry for Treats
Big Dog Knocks Down Little Baby
Bulldog Tries to Backflip to Catch Ball
Dog Gets Head Stuck in Cereal Box After Raiding Trash
Yorkie Can’t Catch Ball
Dog Steals GoPro
French Bulldog Stuck Under Bed
Beagle Ninja Fail
Dog vs. Food
Dog Can’t Catch Ball
Dog Takes out Bystander
Dog Drops Treat in Drive-Thru
Husky Takes a Tumble
Dog (Houdini) Fail – Can’t get the ball!

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