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Hilarious Cooking Fail Nominees: Hall of Fame (July 2017)

Happy Sunday! Enjoy FailArmy’s funniest cooking fails of all-time, and vote for your favorite to be included in the end of year Hall Of Fame induction ceremony and video by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to send us your own fail video at if you’ve got one!

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Grandma Catches on Fire While Cooking
Soda Stream bursts red wine
Pan Breaks During Crepe Flip
Girls with Mixer in Kitchen Fail
Brother and Sister Make Huge Mess in Pantry
Glass Dish During Cooking Tutorial
Shirtless Camper Tries Flipping an Omelet
Man Fails to Flip Pancake
An Egg within an Egg
Woman Frying Potatoes Starts Fire
Cooking How-To Blooper Reel
Guy Fails to Juggle Egg
Guy Drops Pizza
Bag of Spice Knocks Kid’s Glasses Off
Omelette Flip Fail
BBQ Grease Surprises Guests
Man Drops Hot Dogs During Campfire Breakfast
Boy Scares Mom in Kitchen
Kids Scared of Hibachi Grill
Ingredients Spill out of Blender
Guy Opens Grill and is Surprised
Stove Falls On Little Girl
Kids Commemorate Mother’s Day by Cooking Breakfast
Guy Opens Grill and is Surprised by Explosion of Fire
Stove Falls On Little Girl
Amateur Cook Lights Stove on Fire
Snake on Grill
Girl Gets Hair Stuck in Cake Mixer
Easy Cheese

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